12 May 2010

Presidential league table!

If you become President you have over a one in four chance of becoming a priest! Over the past fifteen years twelve of forty three Presidents have gone on to be ordained or are currently training for the priesthood. The number soon looks set to rise still further …

Since 1995 the top three colleges in the presidential league table are St. Benet’s, with eight Presidents, Keble with five, and Exeter and Merton in joint third place with four each.

Here is the list:

TT10 - Conor Ganon (Wolfson)

HT10 - Hubert MacGreavy (St. Peter’s)

MT09 - Emeric Monfront (Christ Church)

TT09 - Jocky McLean (Christ Church)

HT09 - Patrick Milner (Keble) [second term]*

MT08 - Patrick Milner (Keble)*

TT08 - Mark Hamid (Corpus) [one day Presidency]

TT08 - Paul Fleming (Mansfield)

HT08 - Yaqoob Bangash (Keble)

MT07 - Michael Ryan (Brasenose)

TT07 - Laura Barrosse-Antle (St. John’s)

HT07 - Darren Collins (Keble)*

MT06 - Alexander Morrison (Oriel)*

TT06 - Matthew Allen (St. Benet’s)*

HT06 - Alexander Stafford (St. Benet’s)

MT05 - Samuel Jacobs (St. Benet’s)

TT05 - Katherine Shaw (Merton)

HT05 - Sinead Doyle (Trinity)

MT04 - Sede vacante

TT04 - Patricia Boon (St. Hilda’s)

HT04 - Francis Murphy (Trinity)

MT03 - Richard Pickett (Exeter)

TT03 - Richard Eschwege (Balliol)

HT03 - Jonathan Gress-Wright (Merton)

MT02 - Edward Davies (Oriel)

TT02 - James Mearns (Keble)

HT02 - Dom John Wisdom (St. Benet’s)*

MT01 - Edmund Lovett (St. Benet’s)

TT01 - Christopher Guyver (Keble)

HT01 - Br. Hugh Allan, OPraem (St. Benet’s)*

MT00 - Julian Waterfield (Exeter)

TT00 - Richard McCarthy (Oriel)

HT00 - Emily Boon (St. Hughs)

MT99 - Lee Barrett (Queen’s)

TT99 - Gregory Flash (St. Hugh’s)

HT99 - Marcus Williams (Christ Church)*

MT98 - Francis Lee (Merton)*

TT98 - Adam Fimister (Exeter)

HT98 - Marcus Holden (St. Benet’s)*

MT97 - Alexander Anderson (St. Benet’s)

TT97 - Uwe Lang (St. John’s)*

HT97 - Marie Cabaud (LMH)

MT96 - Alexander Master (Corpus)*

TT96 - Mark Richmond (Balliol)

HT06 - Nicholas Schofield (Exeter)*

MT05 - Ashley Paver (St. Hugh’s)

* Priest or seminarian


Fr Tim Finigan said...

HT79 - Timothy Finigan (Corpus Christi)*

... but I realise that is way off the timeline :-)

Anonymous said...

You missed one - Francis Lee (MT98)was recently ordained a priest!

Oxford University Newman Society said...

Thanks for the information about Francis Lee. Blog duly updated. Ed.

Anonymous said...

Lee Barrett is a priest of Hexham and Newcastle. Alan, not Adam, Fimister was president shortly before Fr Lee.